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Creating high-quality, innovative content is key in attracting potential clients, generating sales, and ranking higher in the search engine. Professionally-written content contributes to accurately reflecting your brand identity, resulting in consumer trust as people learn more about your products and services. You want your target audience to form long-lasting bonds based off the valuable, informative content you provide.

This is where Lexie Writes comes in, I specialize in content writing and copywriting that helps solidify you as an industry leader and go-to consumer resource. My mission is to devise insightful pieces that engage your readers so they continue supporting your brand. I want to help fellow entrepreneurs who may be experiencing writer’s block, or who don’t have the time to fully articulate their business plans and vision. I offer a diversified catalogue of services that can facilitate your professional journey, writing resumes, cover letters, hard and soft news articles, blog posts, social media content, promotional and marketing materials, email advertising campaigns, product descriptions, website content, and more. My portfolio consists of fresh, expertly-written, impressionable pieces that establish brand credibility. All of my clients have been impressed with my work, with many reaching out again for help with additional projects, ultimately leading to long-lasting relationships.

Content writing tactfully lays out your business motives, educating and instructing your clients while still making the wording relatable. This allows business owners to devote their time towards other operational needs. As a freelance writer, I create cohesive pieces of information that consistently align with your brand messaging, while allowing room for growth within your company. I’m flexible with modifying the content based on your preferences, setting aside one-on-one time to ensure the project is properly executed. My content writing specialties guarantee that your unique voice, tone, and style are identifiable throughout the text, while also making the information palatable. The way I formulate the text is versatile so it can be applied to any platform, whether it’s social media, your website, or print and digital marketing. Your brand would be transferrable across all mediums, not only building vital relationships with your audience, but covering some of your business logistics as well.

The world of advertising is constantly changing, what were once popular forms of media consumption (TV, radio, etc.) are rapidly being replaced with digital mediums as more people gravitate towards social media. Besides visuals, consumers need easily digestible written content to simplify tough purchasing decisions and make their lives easier, which is where I also come in. I help your brand adapt through content writing, so you can reinforce and communicate what your business is and what you have to offer. You need to have the ability to comment on everything in this popularized, digitalized landscape. I intently listen to a client’s ideas and strategies so their brand can be spread across landing pages, social media and content marketing pages, and websites.

My services help you actively publish content worth reading, therefore building audience retention. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your brand and truly develop content that resonates with your readers, you want your consumers to leave with a positive representation of your business and all the principles it stands for. If you look at your site’s metrics and notice it could use some improvement, think about expanding your content material, which could simply mean switching up the writing. I provide a perfect blend of exciting and new writing that’s equivalent to currency; the more content is shared publicly, the higher chances it has of being converted into a sale. This is why written content like blogging and influencer marketing are hot topics among numerous industries. It doesn’t matter what field you’re in, content writing is a must.

I understand the need for exceptional content writing and producing good work that will make your brand messaging shine. I have quick turnaround times, creating user-generated content that incorporates keywords that boost SEO, reach audiences on social media, and help you better understand your audience and competitors. I discover what forms of content writing work in your particular industry and write the content to match that, while also researching competitor writing to determine what doesn’t work. My services all follow the same model, persuading real-life people that your brand is a necessary staple in their daily routines. I tailor the content to be personable so it reaches your desired demographic. This means conducting customer research, reading consumer reviews, and viewing available trends in your industry to get a better snapshot of your prospective clientele so I can create content they’ll absolutely love. I want to make sure you have text that’s useful, inspiring, and entertaining to your audience, prompting them to recommend your page or business to others. All of my services are affordable so you get an instant return on your investment; I polish and format your pieces to perfection, taking time to guarantee they’re brilliant before submitting them for your review. Branding goes beyond a name and a logo, it’s all about capturing people’s attention by conveying the right words. At Lexie Writes, that’s what I strive to do.

To get in contact, please email me at alexis@lexiewrites.com or visit my website here

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